Student Hackathon at Fresno State

HackFresno is a student hackathon at Fresno State that encourages creativity and innovation while solving some of the world's toughest problems. Stay up for 24 hours with the coolest and brightest people you will ever meet, and help design a product that can improve the world. This year, we are focusing all projects on four core themes. These themes encompass some of today's toughest issues, and encourage teams to think of ways to use their skills to benefit the world around them.

Everyone is welcome, from the most experienced developers and designers to first-time programmers with a drive to solve our biggest challenges. Regardless of your skill, there is a place for you at HackFresno.



While technology has progressed rapidly, the way we educate students has largely stayed the same. Develop projects that help foster learning both in and out of the classroom, and that can help schools better provide resources to their students.

Health & Wellness

Technology has drastically improved the healthcare industry over the last century. Help take it a step further. Develop tools for doctors and hospitals to better care for patients, or design products that encourage people to maintain healthy lifestyles.

Environment & Agriculture

Help design solutions to keep the Earth safe and habitable for future generations. Projects in this category can include water management for California farmers, energy usage optimization for households, or tools to enforce environmental policy.

Social Good

Develop a project that can help bring our world closer together. Projects in this category can have applications in (but not limited to) government, philantropy, or socioeconomic inequality.

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$1,500 in prizes

Best Environment/Agriculture Hack

$75 Amazon gift card for each team member.

Best Health/Wellness Hack

$75 Amazon gift card for each team member.

Best Social Good Hack

$75 Amazon gift card for each team member.

Best Education Hack

$75 Amazon gift card for each team member.

Best Overall

$150 Amazon gift card for each team member. You can double up (win twice) if your category wins best overall as well.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Your devpost should include plenty of details about your project. For example:

- Is there a story behind this hack? A reason this is important to you?

- What exactly is the problem that your hack solves?

- How exactly does your hack solve that problem?

- What technical challenges did you face and overcome?

- What are areas for future improvement?

- What did you learn from this experience?


Dr. Tayeb

Dr. Tayeb
Lyles College of Engineering at Fresno State

Richard Martinez

Richard Martinez
DPS Telecom

Judging Criteria

  • Technical Difficulty
    Earn 2 points: Uses mainly prebuilt software. Very little code written beyond the boilerplate. Earn 10 points: Uses varied software frameworks or APIs. Has lots of custom code for new functionality or bridging gaps
  • Creativity
    Earn 1 point: Not a fresh take on the idea. Close to an example project. Earn 5 points: Shows innovation. Looks at a problem through a fresh lens with good results.
  • Polish
    Earn 1 point: Has mock up UI at most, if applicable. Bugs impede normal use. Earn 5 points: Hack is free from glaring bugs. Friendly UI, if applicable.
  • Pitch
    Earn 1 point: Doesn't answer the question "Why is this a good idea?" Earn 5 points: Shows a clear understanding of the problem space and how the hack solves it.